September 19, 2017

Have you ever thought you believed in something, only to discover later that you really don't know how you feel about it, or possibly feel the exact opposite?  Have you questioned why you see the world the way it is?  Have you looked beyond the simple answer as to how and why you make quick decisions about people you see or meet?

Two life changing classes for me in graduate school were Multicultural Studies and Gestalt Therapy.  Up until that semester, I was very confident I really knew what I believed and how I thought about the world.  After all, I'm in my mid 40's with quite a bit of life experience, sprinkled with self awareness, whisked with compassion and a desire to share with others.  In many ways, most things made sense to me.  All that said, my beliefs were deeply called into question.  I like getting to the root of things, so it's no wonder I'm a therapist!

I've noticed in therapy that my client will be talking about something perso...

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