October 18, 2017

This is a very personal blog about my own experience.  In my process I am learning a great deal about myself, and how to continually evolve so that I can still be in relationship with others, despite our differences.  

I have felt quite disheartened since the election.  I have come face to face with many ideas and beliefs that I didn't know I felt so strongly about, until now.  I feel as if many of my freedoms are being threatened.   I feel that some very core beliefs could be dismantled, defunded or restructured in a way that feels bad.  I notice that I want to become more of an activist and defend them, after all my beliefs hold great meaning to me.  

From a personal standpoint I feel a sense of loss.  I feel powerless amid chaos.  I feel like my voice can't be heard through all the political noise.  I don't want to be idle, so I am looking for an outlet.  These feelings, emotions and concerns are too much to bear internally.  I have trouble talk...

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