September 15, 2018

I often wonder what ideas and thoughts come to mind when someone hears the words “open relationship.” 

I’ve asked around, casually, and I have heard a spectrum of replies. 

There have been judgmental statements, such as: “clearly they aren’t happy,” and “why would anyone do that, it’s disgusting and that’s not what marriage is.” 

I’ve also heard more curious responses, like, “good for them, I wish I could do that” and “what exactly does that mean?”

With the confusion and judgements circling the standard world of monogamy versus non-monogamy, I decided to do some research, talk to others and bring in my own experience, so that it can be talked about more mainstream, with deeper understanding. 

Ultimately, every couple gets to make their own choice about what fits for them, and it never hurts to explore those boundaries. 

What Is An Open Relationship?

Open relationship is often an umbrella term for having sex or emotional connections outsid...

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