October 26, 2018

Self-care is not a reward.  It is a critical component to living a balanced and happy life.  Why does it seem easier to take care of everything else and everyone else instead? We often don’t think twice about taking on that meeting, signing the kids up for another thing or ditching the gym for a conference call. The excuses, justification and reasons become second nature, and then we believe them to be true.  I challenge you to challenge those rationalizations!

It seems that we have been taught that the harder we work, the greater the payoff. No pain, no gain.  I have to give 100%.  However true these may ring to you, the pay off comes at a cost. Studies and science have shown that wearing down the body, overworking the brain, not sleeping enough and remaining in a constant state of stress actually is counterproductive to our health.  

It’s easy to neglect yourself when you are busy and overwhelmed, so even a small moment of reprieve feels luxurious.  If you...

October 18, 2018

For much of my life I believed that someone was either happy or they weren't mainly based on external factors.  I'm happy if I love my job.  I'm not happy when it's time to pay taxes.  I'm happy when I'm in love.  I'm not happy going through a divorce.  I was always riding the waves of emotion, until I stopped being happy.  I wasn't sure what was getting in my way.  Then I learned I had built a resistance to it.  I could say I wanted it, but my protective coping strategies where in the background guarding me from it.

What? How does a person become resistant to experiencing happiness or joy?  Who doesn't want that all the time?  If it's really possible - sign me up everyday! 

I learned that I was not being vulnerable with happiness.  I built walls and a comfortable fortress around my wounds and pain.  I made beautiful fences around my heart, because I didn't want to get hurt again.  On my side of the fenc...

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