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Individual Counseling

Bridge into the Woods

Our time together is a place where you can be real and honest.  I deeply value our relationship, striving to provide safety and trust above all else.  The patterns that emerge in therapy are most likely related to the patterns in your life, and together we will be curious and open about them.  I will commit to supporting you through this journey in a compassionate way.  With all the challenges in life, having someone to talk to can easily help relieve some of the burden.  

I am an active listener, but also interactive, offering my professional perspective to things as they arise.  

 What to expect:
Together we will take a more in-depth look into your family of origin and close relationships to better understand what you are going through and how these things may affect your current state of mind.
I welcome fear, sadness, grief, anger and many other forms of emotion, with open arms, so these feelings are expressed and received instead of repressed and swept under the rug to be forgotten.
I have an acute eye for creating awareness around body language and bodily reactions to sensitivities.  Our body holds memories, reactions, feelings and trauma.  Listening to the body is looking at the "whole" person.  Our non-verbal communication offers insight into the psyche.

Explore, sit with, identify and learn where your beliefs come from.  I change the "I should" to "I want to or I don't want to" in hopes that it gives you choice and agency.  

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