Our time together is a place where you can be real and honest.  I deeply value our relationship, striving to provide safety and trust above all else.  The patterns that emerge in therapy are most likely related to the patterns in your life, and together we will be curious and open about them.  I am an active listener, but also interactive, offering my professional perspective to things as they arise.  I will commit to supporting you through this journey in a compassionate way.  With all the challenges in life, having someone to talk to can easily help relieve some of the burden.  

Some of the modalities I bring into our work include:

Attachment Theory

Understanding how you learned what love is, what it isn't, how your caregivers made you feel about yourself, their availability, lack of attention, too much attention, and more help us understand why you enter the relationships you do.


Parts Work 

Get in touch with the many parts of you. We will discover what parts have a voice, don't have a voice, have been suppressed, injured, are overlooked, overworked, undiscovered or have taken over.  The goal is to integrate them into a functioning "whole" self.

Mindfulness / Self Awareness

Deepen your relationship with feelings, desires, needs and hopes.


Creating safety and trust in our relationship is of utmost importance to me.  Offering you a non-judgmental place to explore your feelings will help us create new ways in relating to oneself and others.

Connection with Trauma

I hold any trauma you may have experienced as an integral part of who you are.  I welcome ways to bring healing to those experiences, as well as explore blame, resentment, triggers and shame that may have evolved because of it.

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