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"No such thing as spare time,

No such thing as free time,

No such thing as down time,

All you got is Life Time,


-Henry Rollins

I believe that Psychotherapy is an important “point in the right direction” that can bring change, healing, and a new sense of hope into your life.  


As a psychotherapist, it's my intention is to help you create a new map for life’s journey.  We do this by building a trusting relationship to  explore your authenticity and learn more about the life experiences that have led you here.

I compassionately and interactively listen my way through each therapy session and dive into the topics through a "whole health" approach. This detailed method of therapy caters to one’s mind, body, spirit, and emotions. It allows us to adequately evaluate and learn from all the many layers of life experiences and feelings.  


Challenges can include anxiety, work-life balance, lack of connection to one’s self or others, defeated feelings of sitting on the edge, wanting more out of life, and feeling stuck with the loud voice of the inner critic. I strategically try to maneuver through all these obstacles always looking toward the direction of understanding and integration. With an open-mind and respectful hand at the wheel, I will meet you wherever life has taken you, and guide you towards a path that leads to your desired healing and change. 

With openness and compassion I will take the time to understand who you are as a person, as well as your desired wants and needs.

I am a sex positive therapist that offers services to all persons, no matter the color of your skin, where you were born, what religion you identify with, your gender of birth or choice, relationship status or sexual orientation.  We are all human beings, period.


Attachment Theory

Understanding how you learned what love is, what it isn't, how your caregivers made you feel about yourself, their availability, lack of attention, too much attention, and more help us understand why you enter the relationships you do.


Parts Work 

Get in touch with the many parts of you. We will discover what parts have a voice, don't have a voice, have been suppressed, injured, are overlooked, overworked, undiscovered or have taken over.  The goal is to integrate them into a functioning "whole" self.

Mindfulness / Self Awareness

Deepen your relationship with feelings, desires, needs and hopes.


Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (I am not certified as a coach but have taken several trainings)


Creating safety and trust in our relationship is of utmost importance to me.  Offering you a non-judgmental place to explore your feelings will help us create new ways in relating to oneself and others.


I hold any trauma you may have experienced as an integral part of who you are.  I welcome ways to bring healing to those experiences, as well as explore blame, resentment, triggers and shame that may have evolved because of it.

Individual Therapy
Couple's Counseling
Depression, Anxiety
Grief, Loss
Helplessness / Loneliness 
Intimacy / Relationships
Life transitions
Divorce, Co-Parenting
Sex / Intimacy / Kink / Fetishes
LGBTQ / Trans positive 
Work / Life Balance
Traumatic Events
Developmental Trauma
Sliding Scale Therapy

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