Couples Counseling


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Couples Counseling

Communicate more effectively & create positive life patterns
Work through disagreements or differences
Learn how to identify one’s needs and share those needs with the other
Create safety together building authenticity
Let go of the past, and forgive, grow, and cultivate into something new together
Relate to each other in a healthier way, leading to the development of even more love
Empathetic listening vs. defensive listening
Understand positive and negative communication cycles
Deal with hurt and disappointment with one’s partner
Explore emotional and practical needs, what those needs are for each individual, how to ask for them, and how to recognize the others needs.
Intimacy: this includes touch, kind words, sensuality, and sex.
I believe the power of connection, trust, honesty, and safety are the key foundations of a healthy and thriving relationship.
*Keeping the connection alive requires an understanding of how a "system" among one another works. In couple’s therapy, the process of understanding the cycles you get stuck in and identifying what needs to change in the relationship to have a more effective and positive connection, is where the session will begin.  This process takes time and develops in stages. An essential part of couple’s therapy is learning how to communicate empathically, to express feelings more effectively, and to respond to each partner's needs.
*Once the trust has been established, partners will be able to safely share needs, past experiences, and hurts in hopes that leads to validation, acceptance, and willingness to meet each other in a new place.  This has the potential to bring a newfound meaning to the relationship.  
*Couples will be able to explore conflicts and problematic relationship patterns without slipping into the typical negative patterns of relating. There is so much growth in learning how to communicate, but also learning how to fight.  There will be challenging times, so by providing an overview of negative and positive cycles, how to recognize one’s feelings and be more aware of the driving forces behind them, it allows both people to listen, express and feel on a deeper level.
*Using a broad spectrum of modalities, I offer a very safe place to work with the aspects of anger, frustration, expectations, fears, love, family systems, giving up and being all in, and so much more. All couples are welcomed into a compassionate and caring therapeutic relationship.  
*With me there is no discrimination based on race, gender, ethnicity or sexuality is non-existent. All relationships of any kind are simply viewed as “relationships,” as it should be.

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