Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

Communicate more effectively & create positive life patterns
Work through disagreements or differences
Learn how to identify one’s needs and share those needs with the other
Create safety together building authenticity
Let go of the past, and forgive, grow, and cultivate into something new together
Relate to each other in a healthier way, leading to the development of even more love
Empathetic listening vs. defensive listening
Understand positive and negative communication cycles
Deal with hurt and disappointment with one’s partner
Explore emotional and practical needs, what those needs are for each individual, how to ask for them, and how to recognize the others needs.
Intimacy: this includes touch, kind words, sensuality, and sex.
I believe the power of connection, trust, honesty, and safety are the key foundations of a healthy and thriving relationship.
Part of my work is helping couples separate or divorce.  
I know this can be a painful process in life, filled with questions, confusion and/or hurt.  It's during this time I want to give you a safe space to share your feelings and hopes.  I feel comfortable talking about how to separate, redefine your relationship, negotiate possessions and walk through what parenting will look like.  Often it's best to address your feelings and concerns so when you take steps toward the legal process, you can feel grounded.  I find support during this time to be so valuable.  I welcome couples to work with betrayal, grief, loss and moving on in a mindful way.

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