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What Sex Therapy is About

Sex and Intimacy


Sexual health and pleasure is a natural part of being human.

“Sex is as much about opening yourself and showing your sexuality to another human being as it is about allowing them to show you theirs. If you want your lover to expand their horizons with you, it’s vital that you give them the same courtesy of hearing their secrets without making them feel creepy about it.”

― Roberto Hogue, Real Secrets of Sex: A Women’s Guide on How to Be Good in Bed


I am a sex positive therapist that helps individuals and couples work with a variety of concerns that can affect one's relationship to their own sexuality and/or sex life with another person. Taking the first step in talking with someone about your concerns is often the hardest part, particularly in the area of sexuality.  I approach this topic like all other therapeutic concerns, with openness and curiosity.

At some point all couples experience a low, or get into a rut, which can seem too difficult to overcome. There is a felt sense of missing the passion and flirting, or the spontaneity and playfulness.  I want to help you get that back, and then some!


Sexuality, intimacy and desire doesn’t have to be so elusive. Unsure about how to approach sex, you may avoid it, fearing disappointment, rejection or shame. When you do have sex, it’s convenient to fall into a routine because you feel insecure about sharing what really turns you on or you don’t want to hurt your partner’s feelings when you don’t get what you need.

Some common feelings about sexuality, that I am open to exploring with you in order to reach your full potential are:

  • One or both partners have lost their sexual drive or attraction to the other (You are not alone if you feel this way)

  • I don't like myself, the way I look or feel sexually confident

  • I thought if we loved each other enough, the sex life would just happen. (Like all aspects of life, a healthy and meaningful sex life takes intention and time)

  • There has been a breach of trust in the relationship, therefore one partner has pulled away

  • Someone is embarrassed or afraid to share their erotic thoughts and desires

  • Your sex drive is too much for your partner, and instead of feeling excited about that, you are feeling rejected or ashamed

  • I don't know if I want to be monogamous 

  • I'm afraid of my own sexuality and desires

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