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About Me

I am a therapist, business woman, mother, co-parent, aunt, sister, photographer, best friend, social justice advocate, retired chef and creator of my own life.  I bring all of myself into this work in hopes to inspire you, help you reach your goals and understand how to create the life you want for yourself.
My journey in psychology began in 1994.  I've always had a fascination with how human beings evolve, change, create certain life patterns, handle stress and seek to understand "who am I." Although I didn't go directly into the field, I am grateful for a 15 year career in the health, wellness and business world.  In 2015 I finally made the pivot back to psychology and am so grateful I did.  I love this work so much and being a part of people's lives is a gift.
Like all my clients, I also have a great deal of personal experiences that have shaped me. Throughout my life I've had many valuable breakthroughs in my own therapy sessions and has accessed deeper parts of myself, met my vulnerabilities head-on and confronted my fears. My breakthroughs have also opened doors, healed relationships, and have allowed me to become the person I really want to be in my personal and professional life.  Additionally it has broadened my passion for helping others see that change is possible!
BA Psychology - University of Texas
MA Integral Counseling Psychology - California Institute of Integral Studies
AASECT -American Association of Sex Educators, Counselor and Therapist, 60 hours completed towards Sex Therapy Certification
Esther Perel - Sessions, Conflict within Couples
Dr. Ling Lam - Polyvagel Theory and it's Relationship to Trauma
Gal Szekely, Founder of the Couple's Center (various workshops and supervision )

"Feelings are just visitors, let them come and go."
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