I Now Pronounce You Co-Parents
Transition into a new relationship and help your child thrive
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Therapy / Mediation (info at the bottom of the page)


Welcome to your new relationship. 

It's not impossible to change things! The purpose of this program is to create an amicable working relationship between parents. Transitioning from a romantic partnership to a co-parenting relationship takes intention, agreements, boundaries and understanding.


'I Now Pronounce you Co-Parents' is designed to


Strengthen your communication

Teach you how regulate your own emotions

Help the family through the transition and into the future

Successfully redefine your relationship

Support achievable milestones

Create a new narrative that supports every family member

Understand and validate what you are going through, then move forward 

This class offers very practical strategies for success!

No two parents are going to agree on each and every decision. However, co-parents who work together well for the sake of their kids have reached a basic level of agreement on the most important things—like issues pertaining to their children’s health, discipline, education, and spiritual upbringing. 

How do I know so much about co-parenting?  I became a co-parent in 2011 after my 12 year marriage. I am also the child of divorce, having experienced it as a teenager. I have faced my own challenges and many feelings during this time. In my journey I found empathy for each one of you and in my healing I created this program. While it definitely addresses parenting through divorce, it's about the critical relationship between parents.

*if your local family court approves this program, you will receive a certificate of completion.

"I learned so much from this program. I was having a lot of issues communicating because I was so upset.

This helped me understand what I was feeling, why and how to handle things in a better way."

— Kimberly, mother of two

"This has been a very long and hard road. I learned so many skills from this course and think about things in a new way now.

It's a work in progress, and slowly getting better."

— Nathan, father of one

"I didn't know that getting along was going to be such a challenge. The communication section of this course was very insightful. I am using the strategies with my family, kids, coparents and friends."

— Tricia, mother of two



Understand them, how to use emotions as a guide, be empathetic with your child and be kinder to yourself


Take a deeper look from their lens, offer compassion, space and support for their own transition and changes


Psychologically and emotionally become attuned to your child, learn how to navigate the new family structure


Understand your own patterns and beliefs that influence your communication, make positive changes, feel at peace


Identify your needs, learns skills to manage the situation, find self empowerment, protect you and your family


Boundaries help everyone, bring security and structure, eliminate assumptions and encourage respect


Stop pushing through, carrying it all, depleting yourself and trying to be everything to everyone. Self care is not selfish.


Do you feel so frustrated with your co-parent that you don't want to talk to them?

Are things between you tense or high conflict?

How often do you disagree or fight about boundaries, schedules or the past relationship?

Do you wish you had better tools or strategies to deal with the situation?

You wish the other person would change, and it's hard to deal with them.

This course addresses all of these circumstances!

What's included:

I Now Pronounce You Co-Parents Workbook 
This is the heart of the program! Numerous resources, studies and hundreds of hours sitting with co-parents went in to designing an easy to follow workbook.
Click on the download button to view some pages from the workbook

Video for each chapter

The videos are important to the course because they take a deep dive into each subject. This will explain concepts, expand on research, offer real life examples, discuss practical applications of the information and guide you through the process.

Once a month 1 hour zoom groups

Once a month Traci will host a zoom support group for you. As part of the package, you will have access to 3 total over the next 12 months. This is a place you can ask anything or simply get support from other co-parents. This is not to take place of therapy, which I strongly encourage you to do. It's a forum you can bring your challenges, hopes, curiosities and share with others.

 Co-Parenting Package: $325
*The cost of only two therapy sessions 
payment plan options available

Compared to 7 hours of mediation: approximately $1100-$1400
Compared to 7 therapy sessions: approximately $700-$1000

*You will be purchasing the program through teachable. From there you can download
the workbook and will have access to the 7 videos for 6 months.


Investment in yourself and family
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Co-Parenting Mediation/ Therapy
I have been where you are.

In my practice I offer mediation and co-parenting therapy for parents in the process of uncoupling.


1. I can guide you through the process of decision making
as it relates to your child's schedule, visitation, holidays, family events, vacations and transitions.  I take into consideration your family dynamics, your child's needs at different ages, your own desires and feelings as co-parents.

2. Create a parenting agreement
that you can share with your attorney.  This is submitted with the dissolution of marriage and becomes the legal agreement that addresses parenting issues.  It can be as detailed or general as you need it to be.  It includes things such as medical issues, holidays, visitation, school and extracurricular activities, division of costs, religious or spiritual upbringing, including a third party and housing.

3. Have explicit conversations around expectations, needs and ideas of what your co-parenting relationship will look like. 
I use a lot of tools from my online class.  This includes how to effectively communicate in a child focused way, how to keep the children out of the middle and healthy boundaries.

Mediation / Therapy is a 2 hour meeting with a 15 min break.  This is followed up with a 1:1 "decompression, reflection" session to discuss how you are feeling about the decisions made thus far, other ideas you may have, make additional requests or modifications and continue to build the foundation for a co-parenting relationship. I do this individually with each parent.

The average couple has 4 two-hour sessions with at least 1-2 follow up decompression / reflection sessions.
My rate is $180 per hour.