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The Meaning of My Quote

I spent a lot of time thinking about what quote I would put on my website. I wanted something that represented who I am and where I am in my life. I felt the pressure to offer something that was inspiring and not offensive. In all my efforts to consider how others would react to it, I started moving away from how I felt about it. Then I did something that is starting to become a habit for me, I checked in with myself IN THE MOMENT, the here and now, and listened to my internal self.

The quote for me is exactly about doing this...checking in with my emotions, feelings, resistance, frustrations, doubts or whatever comes up for me in reaction to something. There is so much information to be gathered from doing something so simple. Personally, as I check in more often with my emotional and physical being, I feel better because I'm listening to the internal dialog. Its as if I'm parenting myself and saying, "Hey, you are worthy of being listened to and seen. What do you have to say about this?" From there I can figure out the beliefs that led to those feelings or thoughts, and from there I can decide what I really need or want to do from a much more informed place. I'm taking the time to create the "life time" that I want, instead of being left to feel overwhelmed, pushed down or repressed.

I am an advocate for taking care of myself! It's necessary for so many reasons. But if I am always looking forward to that "down time", that "spare time", then I am being pulled away from the NOW time. Right now life is happening. I am creating the life I want based on the decisions at hand. This quote reminds me that everything is tied together. All the things I was, all the things I have gone through, all the thoughts that fill my mind and the plans I have to look forward to. I exist in between all the activities and interactions. Often you may feel lost in this swirling existence. In the past when I have felt that way, I created the intention to accept these things, but not be tied to them. It equals freedom. Freedom within myself, freedom with my family and friends and freedom from all the "I should and I could IF..." thoughts.

Sometimes it seems as if everyday you can get stuck in a cycle, a relationship or something that is holding you back. Then when you look back, you realize how much all of that has actually changed the person you are. Nothing is quite the same. How did that happen? You didn't even notice!

That is what this quote means to me, TAKE NOTICE. I am living my life time moment to moment. I am going to stop more often to check in with myself and see what aligns and what doesn't. Every day I have choice. In facing life's darkest moments, the toughest decisions or the challenge that lies ahead, I will pause to see how I am spending my "life" time.

Now GO.

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